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The film I chose to view for the extra credit opportunity in corrections class was American History X. This film follows two brothers, older brother Derek and younger brother Danny. In this coming of age film older brother and former Neo-Nazi Derek has just returned from serving three years in prison for killing two African American thugs who attempted to steal his truck. Through flashbacks to Derek’s skinhead days we learn from younger brother Danny about his journey and what led Danny to attempt to live the same lifestyle. Derek is attempting to change his brothers thinking keep him from making the same mistakes that he did and going down the wrong path. The topic I think resonates most with this film would be re-entry to society following a prison sentence. I think that this topic is most important because it is explicitly covered throughout the film. The story begins the day that older brother Derek is released from prison on parole after serving three years for a manslaughter charge. As mentioned in class statistics Derek falls under the “Estimate[d] 1,600 offenders leave prison every day and 2 out of every 3 are rearrested within 3 years of their release” (Bowman, 2015). Derek is…show more content…
I think that students could understand the dangers of not following prison protocol, like the guards in the film who allow Derek to be raped, the ease in which drugs are passed through prisons and jails, the importance of acceptance; even in prison settings, this films how extreme people will go to feel protected, like Derek’s joining of the Aryan brotherhood. How parole really works is a key aspect covered by the film. Also students could benefit from seeing would re-entry may actually be like for former inmates and all of the struggles they may

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