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Ironclad is a 2011 film that is an exciting undertaking with memorable scenes all around the film. It was basically English and Erick Kastel that put the entire story line of the film into writing and it was then Jonathan English who directed the film. Jonathan’s work is well reflected in the entire film where it conveys the story line to the best order. At the beginning of the film we are introduced to a description of the wealthy businessmen of England who then rebelled against King John, Paul Giamatti in real situation. They had the support of the Knights and this even gave them morale and encouraged them in their rebellion that prompted King John to sing the ‘Magna Charta’ which was an agreement laid down in form of a document to push for equality of all freemen in England and it also aimed at reducing the powers of the monarch. As expected in signing of an agreement or treaty in the real world, it is expected that the parties involved should keep to the terms and conditions of the agreement all through as stated in the agreement. In the film, Ironclad, it was not long after King John had signed the agreement of equality than he decided to keep it off and not to abide by it. In the film we find him being humiliated by the barons and this triggers him to begging campaigning for revenge against him and also runs a large army behind him that call him their leader. King John has a large army behind him that is highly trained and as a result in the entire movie we find them making several assaults. He leads the Danish army that brims over the castle. In the real sense Jonathan English work in the direction is entirely perfect. There is systematic flow of the story line and the cast give their best as most actions in the film can b... ... middle of paper ... ... maintains historical truth by bringing every situation in a flowing manner as it could have taken place. The ending of the film varies totally from the reality in the way it set the final minutes. The audience are left to conclude for themselves what happened although some description is given at the end. Finally the film Ironclad has put it clear some historical facts and happenings according to when the story line is based. From the backgrounds and the scenes the film has been set it can be easily to deduct all the above historical findings and research and relation. It is merely linked to reality especially on existence of fictional elements some stated above in the review. For example the Danes from the film are shown in as pagans when Denmark as general has been linked to Christianity and the main character, Thomas Marshal, is based William a national leader.

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