Film Analysis Of 'City Of Angels'

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City of Angels (1998), was a Warner Brother film that was about an angel named Seth had fell in love with surgeon named Maggie, but Seth could not be with Maggie because he was immortal. The only possible way Seth could be with Maggie was if he becomes a human since she could not see immortals. According to David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, and Kristin Thompson, there are seven characteristics of classical Hollywood cinema. The first characteristic of classical Hollywood is set up for point-of-view shots. An example that was displayed to the audience was when Seth fell from a construction building. While Seth was falling slowly to Earth, viewers seen Seth memories that he had with Maggie as well as other memories like a person jumping out…show more content…
The fourth characteristic is, “in trying to attain their goals, the main characters confront antagonists or a series of problems” (308). Between Maggie and Seth, there were numerous of problems that both characters had to encounter. Maggie was facing relationship problems with her boyfriend named Jordan when she met Seth. Maggie had to face a patient dying on her table as well as telling the family that their loved one was not strong enough to survive through surgery. Seth was faced with loving a human as well as he did not know the meaning of hunger, pain, touch, or fear. The fifth characteristic is, “the emphasis is on clear cause and effects of actions. What events happen and why they happen are clear and unambiguous” (308). One cause and effect that was demonstrated in the film was when Seth first saw Maggie when she was doing an open heart surgery. Seth fell in love with Maggie instantly when he had to come take the man away when he died. Seth was watching over one of Maggie’s patient named Mr. Messinger. Later in the movie, Seth as well as the audience finds out that Mr. Messinger was once an angel until he gave that up to his wife Teresa. To make a long story short, Mr. Messinger gave Seth advice about becoming a human to be with the
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