Film Analysis Of A Haunted House

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The Analysis of Paranormal Activity And A Haunted House Every movie has its own uniqueness. A movie can be misinterpreted if the viewer doesn’t take the time analyze it and its intentions. Both of the movies A Haunted House and Paranormal Activity are examples of this. While both of the movies could be misinterpreted, both of the movies did a good job with portraying different rhetorical situations that stood them apart from other films within their genres. A Haunted House engaged its viewers by using comedy and mocking various horror films. A Haunted House used the idea of a “found footage” film which is commonly used by various popular horror films. Some of the horror films that demonstrate the use of “found footage” films are Paranormal…show more content…
Paranormal Activity is known for its “found footage” film. Paranormal Activity isn’t the only film in its genre to use this idea, but it still managed to stick out. Paranormal Activity is about a couple who moves into a new home only to be disturbed by a demon who eventually possesses the woman. The director, Oren Peli, intended to attract an audience of at least 18 years of age who enjoys horror and “found footage” films. The audience would’ve expected a film that contains, suspense, mystery, or horror. Oren Peli wanted the audience to try to figure out why everything is happening in the film as well as occasionally jump. The director did a good job with this. Using the basic elements of style, the director was able to startle the audience as well as keep them focused on each scene as they try to figure out why everything is happening. An example of this would be on the scene at the end where the boyfriend goes downstairs because he hears screaming. The film has sounds playing, but the audience can only see upstairs because that’s where the camera was. After a few seconds of trying to figure out what happened, the boyfriend is thrown into the camera and the audience more than likely jumped (Dir. Oren Peli, 2007). In order to get high ratings, the goal of keeping the audience jumping and interested in the film has to be met. The film ended up performing well as it high ratings and several sequels. To understand the film the audience has to understand the plot and certain points within the film. The film is the usual idea of a family moving into a haunted home, but it offers a twist since it is told through video cameras that the family set up throughout their home. This makes the film scarier since this gives the illusion that the film is real. In general, “found footage” films are arguably scarier. As the film goes on, certain events and points are easier to understand. An
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