Film Analysis Night Of The Living Dead

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“Night of the Living Dead” Film Analysis Essay Connor McGuire 66 sentences The Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 horror film that shocked the country with its concept of zombies attacking the living. In the beginning you have two siblings Barbara and going to put a reef on their grandfather's grave for their grandmother. They traveled a far distance to get their and as Barbara is being picked on by her brother they spot a man walking around the graveyard. Barbara’s brother chooses this as an opportunity to mess with his sister by telling her the man is after her. She quickly dismisses her brother’s childish behavior to apologize to the man for her brother words, but to her surprise the man attacks her and tries to kill her. Barbara’…show more content…
The unique thing is that they show this in different ways. Ben for example is very calm and stoic in his devotion to surviving this infection running rampant but he also hopes to keep not only himself alive but everyone else as well. This is shown by his attempts to help and get everyone to work together to escape such as when he decided they had to devise a plan to escape the house in order to get to the military safe zone. Barbara has a more hysterical need for survival by either not keeping calm when things get rough and on one occasion going into a fit of hysteria from which she had to be rendered unconscious to gain her senses back. Harry expresses his need to survive in a more selfish way than any of the other characters. This is proven when he locked the door on Ben and also tried killing him in the end. Tom’s expression of his need to survive is a balanced one being that he can be calm most of the time but has shown to be overwhelmed at times which is shown when he talks to his girlfriend before his and Ben’s attempt to fuel the car mentioned his fears a little bit. Helen and Judy are very similar in their expression being that they both show a mostly calm front but they have a different expression of that in the end whereas Judy became brave and joined Tom in his journey to get the gasoline for the car while Helen hid away from the
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