Film Analysis: It's A Wonderful Life

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The hero’s journey is a treacherous journey and not for those of the faint of heart. It takes courage, strength, and diligence to become a master of two worlds – the known and the unknown. Through the hero’s journey, the chosen man/or woman must discover themselves in ways they would have never imagined. This experience may be divine or instructional, but for George Bailey this journey would provide him with a further sense of himself and love from the community that surrounds him.
The film, It’s A Wonderful life, illustrates the hero’s journey through the life of George Bailey. In the Departure Stage, George finds himself crossing the threshold into an unknown world in hopes of finding his true purpose and going out to see the world. George is constantly placed in the shadow of his high-achieving father and brother, even though their success is due to his unacknowledged work. His Call To Adventure begins with his father asking George to take over the Building and Loan family business. The Refusal of the Call reflects George’s deepest desires to see the world and make a name for him...
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