Film Analysis: Film Review: 'Taking Picture'

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Taking Pictures: “Taking Picture” focuses on several Australian film makers, and the films they made in Papua New Guinea in the 1970s-90s. It displays the Western tradition of studying and recording other people's lives, raising questions about illustration and filming in a different culture. For anyone who has watched the films discussed in "Taking Pictures," the video is a penetrating and thoughtful analysis about the realities, politics, philosophies and aesthetics of producing documentaries in other cultures. It investigates the issues and drawbacks of filming across a cultural border line. This film captures the liveliness and flaws of a nation shifting from a recessive society, to a youthful nation in the modern world. “Taking Pictures” begins with the visually unforgettable and captivating film of frightful and impressed New Guineans seeing Caucasian men, the kids at the shop excited at being interview , while the women with them, were acting shy at being filmed, responding the questions with laughter. This innocent interaction is interrupted by an angry man demanding to see...
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