Figure Skating And Figure Skating

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There are a variety of sports anyone can play and teams people can join that accommodate to someone's specific needs whether they be handicapped or just want to play a sport to lose weight. Despite the lack of tangible obstacles stopping one sex from being athletic certain sports tend to be characterized as being a games only for women or men. There are accommodations in practically every popular sport for any person to play nevertheless societal pressures stop women from becoming race car drivers and men from becoming ballerinas. Those who go against the norm may find themselves being ridiculed; boys who play wrongly-named feminine sports are generally seen as frail no matter how physically demanding the sport they play is. Although figure skating is thought to be a game for women, men who compete in in figure skating competitions are just as if not more accomplished as men who play classically masculine sports. Figure skating is a taxing sport on the body; figure skaters can get injured, have to go through grueling diets and training just as in masculine sports. Figure skaters experience just as much pressure as traditionally masculine sports possibly even more as mistakes at best can hurt a score and at worse can be humiliating. Although figure skating is hard on the mind and body men who figure skate are belittled because femininity is associated with weakness. There are a couple key differences between stereotypically manly sports and figure skating that cause people to perceive figure skating as something only should do . Figure skating often involves elaborate outfits and dancing, and creativity, whereas more masculine sports do not. In figure skating outfits are important accessories to performances, to contrast, clot... ... middle of paper ... ...ccepts femininity and masculinity as he flows through both genders during his performance. Both figure skating and stereotypically masculine athletics are hindered by how society divides what is expected of a women and men. Reiner states, “Young men suffer beneath the gravity of conventional masculinity” the idea coincides with how men experience athletics; if a man decides to be an athlete he may discover he will never reach his true potential in one dimensional games like football, but then also find he cannot deal with the potential embarrassment of joining a sport like cheerleading because of gender roles(Reiner.) Male figure skaters are of the few who find the courage to rebel against those norms and because of it they are more well rounded and talented people than they would have been had they just given in and joined the soccer team as all the other boys had.
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