Figurative Language In The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost this poem is mainly about nineteenth Robert Frost is pretty much standing at the crossroad dealing with American Poetry, and modernism in the 19th century. He has an isolated and slightly unique position within American letters. He can look at the world in so many ways dealing with facts and, lecture and he has a sense of nature when it comes to literature because of his own senses. One of the main themes of this poem is choice, it is shown through the use of imagery, figurative language, and symbolism.Frost expresses a strong preference from his own experience. In “The road not taken” imagery is important mainly because the speaker is describing the setting for pretty much the whole poem. An example of…show more content…
He mainly uses metaphor in his poems. For examples the road is used as a metaphor and also an extended metaphor. The fork in the road is used as a metaphor, but through the poem, it is actually a termed on an extended metaphor. In line 6 where the person is thinking hard about taking one road, but then take another one. This is a metaphor for thinking of a choice before deciding what to do. Nature is another key word use as a metaphor in the poem, because in the “two roads diverged in a yellow wood” signifies that it 's autumn.the woods are yellow which is meant in autumn. This is pretty much a metaphor for making decisions during the fall off of your life or when you get older and becoming a adult . Robert Frost is not really talking about a fork in the road but rather a fork in the weeds, and he is using these concepts of a diverging path to give an account to making decision in life. When frost chooses to write about these literary devices it makes him stand out and a better writer compare to other…show more content…
He could choose one road, even though he wants to pick them both. His choice to choose the path that was less travel over the path that was for sure the one that everyone travel, shows that he wanted to take the path in his life that was correct for him. Frost is trying to say for every road someone takes, there is always a road that 's not chosen, and can end up making significant changes to our lives. We will always think about the other road that we didn 't take and how we could have different

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