Figurative Language

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The World is too much with us is a poem by author William Wordsworth. This poem has a negative tone, emphasizing that humans focus too much on objects. Today in our worlds society the natural beauty of the world is overlooked because of money and success. In this poem Wordsworth uses literary devices and figurative language to help explain the theme to his poem. Within this poem the types of figurative language used is imagery, symbolism, and a rhyme scheme. Each one of these literary devices helps Wordsworth to explain the meaning of the poem. The first device that is used within this poem is a rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme used in the poem is not organized. There are words that do rhyme within the poem, but the rhyme scheme is not setup in a organized way. However, the rhyme scheme does help explain the theme of the poem. In the poem the reader understands that the…show more content…
In this poem, nature is not just the wilderness, but something much deeper. Nature in this poem can be a symbol to humans hearts. Before technology consumed the world people were much more likely to wonder and enjoy the presence of nature. The human heart was satisfied as it was filled with the awe of nature. However, when technology and money became a central focus on humans lives, the heart of man turned away from nature. Nature can be symbolized as the heart of man, but now the human heart is focused on success and money. The final device used within this poem is imagery. It is obvious that the setting of this poem is on a beach by a sea. The poem refers to the sea, wind, Proteus, and the triton. The author uses imagery to allow for the reader to visualize where the setting of the poem is located. The imagery helps reinforce the theme by creating a beautiful image of the natural sea. Humans in this present day continue to focus on money and success rather than a magnificent sea. The author uses imagery trying to explain to the reader how incredible nature truly
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