Fighting The Monster

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Ishrael stood before the fifty foot behemoth, glancing up into the infinite space of its eyes. Intimidating or not, this beast was a fearful creature who brandished hairy arms as if they were trees in the darkest of forests. And the beast stared back at him, as if it were challenging him, telling Ishrael to make a move, taunting him. So Ishrael made the first move. He flicked the switch of his chainsaw. It took a second for the motor to whir to life, for the gears to shift, for the chain of blades to slowly spin. It picked up speed, revolving around like a wheel of a carriage. The creature curved his lips into what seemed to be a smile, so devious even the gods would not be able to bear a glance. But Ishrael was no god; he was a Graveseeker, and one of the best. Then, out of nowhere, as if time had merely jumped forward, the beast pounced. Ishrael was ready. He had neglected to wear any armor. The presence of such an item would be a waste anyhow. One swift move from the behemoth’s giant clenched fist would be enough to devastate the thickest plates of armor. Anyways, the absenc...
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