Fight Club

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Throughout the 1999 movie Fight Club post modernistic ideas are displayed and societal norms are challenged by Tyler Durden’s refusal to follow the conventions of today’s culture. The main character in the film is never named and we only know of him as the “Narrator”. Having an unnamed main character represents the postmodern idea of not using labels. This idea of not using labels is also present in Yusef Komunyakaa’s poem “Grenade”, as the solider that jumps on the grenade is never actually named. The poem also highlights the fact that the speaker views his life as not only his own because of the sacrifice his fellow soldier makes. The film also challenges the usual idea of the American Dream ideology by showing Tyler’s unique lifestyle that the Narrator grows to accept as normal. Today’s consumerist culture is additionally challenged in the movie.
Labeling plays a considerable role in the movie Fight Club. It is significant that the Narrator’s name is not revealed throughout the movie. The fact that he is unnamed allows the audience to picture anyone in his place. Labeling also re...

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