Fight Club

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This movie is mainly about a narrators search for meaning and the fight to find freedom from a meaningless way of life. It setting is in suburbia, an abandoned house located in a major large city. Ed Norton, plays the nameless narrator, Brad Pitt, is Tyler Dunden, and Helena Boaham Carter is Marla Singer, the three main characters. David Fincher directs this film in 1999, which adapted it from the novel written by Chuck Palahnuik. It begins depicting Edward Norton, the narrator, working for an insurance company as a representative, who produces evidence for recalling automobiles. He lives in a 15 story, glass front condominium, with the best expensive furniture, designer clothes and a totally empty way of life. Society has yet to understand how employment can influence a person life experiences. His first experience in solving his problem is to seek medical advice for insomnia, which is not the answer. He was advised by his doctor to really see pain, participate in is a group of men who have testicular cancer and really experience pain. This begins his phony search and fix to his search for a painless life. He portrays his self as a cancer survivor, and creates an identity to fill his emptiness, and thus ends up attending seven groups a week. He then meets Bob, who is later killed because of his participation in a bombing of a coffee house. During this process the narrator meets the chain smoking, Marla Singer. Confronted with realization, they were both liars and looking in the mirror irritated him, Marla and the narrator agreed to a plan not to be at the same group, and they could both also avoid self-reflection and contact at the same time. These groups lead the narrator into finding his ?cave and finding t... ... middle of paper ... ... up, Marla and the narrator holding hands and he says ?you met me at a very strange time in my life.? The last song is ?Where is my Mind?? It also can be a symbol representing the narrators search for his true identity. This movie is sending a message to society about what can happen in a world of confused, angry men. Its points to the hypocrisy of the general public which promotes enforcements of movie ratings, gun control but drops its children off the see ?The Matrix?. In my opinion, this is a good movie for college students, who are studying in Sociology, Mental Health or Nursing Careers. This assignment required many skills, to understand the information you required. This information was hidden in the plot so distinctly a freshman student could have easily missed it. I think this movie would be a challenge for upper level college students.

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