Field Visit on Environment to Nepal

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My face, which had been sweltering under the scorching sun, suddenly felt a bash of chilly wind that tumbled down the lush green hill. The hill, patched with few settlements, was so serene that it almost felt lifeless. Cherishing these exulting refreshments from mother nature and cursing the excruciating heat, I dragged my exhausted legs up the step inclination. Finally, I reached a small community. There, the lifestyle was primitive, but the hospitality was heartwarming and the cleanliness was meticulous. Just lying there would have felt amazing, but wasting no time, I whipped out a pen and started jotting down some observations. This was my first field visit in course of preparing a report on the environment of Nepal. This research endeavor, like any other, has taught me that even highly specialized tasks demand some knowledge on a vast array of topics. If I wasn't able to understand the native language, the task would have been extremely tedious. If I did not know some computer programming, I would never be able to create a program to automatically process the data and save a lot ...

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