Field Trip to the Aklimpur Village for a Field Study

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AIM- To study the Dynamical occupational struture of the village



1. Aim 3

2. Introduction 4

3. Hypothesis+Justification 5

4. IGCSE Curriculum Links 6

5. Theoretical Background 7-10

6. Rationale 19

7. Locational Context 12

8. Methodology 13

9. Data Presentation 14-18

10. Analysis 14-18

11. Conclusion 20

12. Evaluation 21

13. Appendix

14. Biblography 22

15. Acknowledgement 23


I have chosen to research about this aim because it has been quite visible about the transition village Aklimpur has been going through, when I went to conduct this field work we were assigned communicators to speak in Hindi with the villagers but eventually we found out that there was no need of a communicator as everybody spoke English fluently, also while conducting this field work we had conducted 10 houses out of which only 3 households were involved in farming, apart from these three house every household member had been involved in a service or had their own business!


On the 28th of November, Saturday the grade 10 geography class was headed to the village Aklimpur for an interesting new fieldwork. We basically wanted to go to the village Aklimpur as it was pretty close to the school and my interest was to find out if pathways world school had any effect on the villages nearby in development of their lifestyle.

In this field trip our group of geography students were encouraged and mainly sent to the village to have a brief idea of how to collect primary research. To collect our primary research our grade had collected a large number of opened and close ended questions a...

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...eople over their now mainly do jobs and have stopped agriculture even if they do agriculture they only do it for themselves only.


The field trip was a wonderful experience and we had a lot’s of fun after the coursework was done. Bhagirathi ma’am had given us Maggi, biryani and coke to eat and drink. The time taken for the fieldtrip was more and the thing that could have been better that we could have gone to Niligiri for the coursework which could have been more fun. The raw material could have been much better and we would have stayed for a much longer period of time. This coursework could be much better if we had better photographs that were clicked by the Kimberly as she did not click many photo graphs which could give a better and closer look to the life structure of the village. Or they could have made sketch of the area or even a house.