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To The Office of Financial Aid, I am writing to you in the hopes to appeal the decision on my forfeiture of my scholarship. When I received the news of my forfeiture I was deeply saddened, but understood completely the circumstances under which the decision was made. My low GPA failed to meet the requirements of the University to withhold a scholarship. This year has been a whirlwind, and my family problems began to interfere with my school work. I lost focus. Three very important people in my life health was on the rocks. My mother who has type 2 diabetes was hospitalize, my grandmother had a stroke, and my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. Being away from my family really took a toll on me because I was so far away and felt like I was powerless. In the beginning of my freshman year, I was very excited about coming to Howard University because I fell in love with the school. In my first year I took about 18 credit hours convinced that college would be similar to high school. My first semester felt extremely overwhelming, I thought that I could handle my classes, and I convinced myself that I did not need help but I had only proved by the end of that semester that I was wrong. I did not know how to study well, and I could rely on my “smarts” to get me through classes that were rigorous. I enrolled myself without counseling in Spanish 2, calculus 1, and freshman composition and I struggled the entire way, my pride just would not let me admit that I needed help. So I lied to myself, I told myself that it would get better or maybe just go away. It did not and after failing my final exams I would be faced with the damage I had done to my, academic career. In my second semester I went on a road to clean up the damag... ... middle of paper ... ...nding. I have an opportunity that most kids would never even dream of by being able to say that I am in the process of obtaining a college degree from Howard University. I know just how fortunate I am to be a student of this institution, even though it has not been reflected in my grades thus far. I cannot see myself anywhere else but here, I have grown to love this school, and if my scholarship is reinstated I will go above and beyond all measures to prove myself and show the real student that I am and the potential that I have. My education is everything to me and I know that continuing my studies at Howard is what I need to reach my pinnacle of success in life and I am willing to fight for it and do whatever is necessary to get back on track towards a successful future. Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read my letter. Sincerely, Rayna Green

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