Fever 1793 Chapter Summaries

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At the start of the book, Fever 1793, the story takes place at the Cook’s Coffeehouse. The main character, Matilda, is woken up by her mom flipping open the curtains, yelling at her to wake up and get started on her morning chores before the guests arrive. Before the guests arrive, Eliza, a free black, also their cook, starts making food for the guests who will be arriving as soon as the shop opens. Matilda has to take care of the garden that is on the backside of the house, help get ready to open the shop, and also Polly’s chores because Polly, their serving girl, didn’t show up to work. After a while Matilda’s mom went to see where Polly was and found out Polly had died the previous evening because of an unknown illness. Matilda’s mom and Grandfather help out and did whatever else that…show more content…
She goes down to get supplies for the Coffeehouse, hopefully seeing her childhood crush, Nathaniel. Matilda’s mother doesn’t approve of Nathaniel because she believes that he is going nowhere in life and won’t make enough money to support a family. Returning to the Coffeehouse, Matilda’s mother gets an invitation from the Ogilives, wanting them to join her for tea. Matilda can either stay home and do chores the whole day or go with her mother for tea. Matilda’s mother wants Matilda to go so she can set Matilda up with Mrs. Ogilives’ son, Robert. It turns out, that Robert had been away for school, and so it was just Mrs. Ogilives and her two daughters who, are rude to Matilda and prevent her from eating the food that had been set out for them all. During tea, Mrs. Ogilives brings up how one of her daughters, Collette, are engaged to the very wealthy man. With the subject coming up, Collette gets over heated and passes out, so Matilda and her mother leave. Rumor said that she had fallen ill, and many other people had mysteriously fallen ill with what they named as Yellow

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