Ferrrero Case Study

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Ferrero is a world renowned, multinational corporation, most infamously known for their delectable chocolates. Ferrero began as a family confectionary shop in the 40’s and was turned into a true international group after World War II. Today the company aims to reach even higher and more ambitious goals, leading to Ferrero’s ultimate success. Ferrero is viewed in mainly positive regards across the world. Yet, it is difficult for most multinational corporations to keep their reputation flawless. Ferrero is not exempt from this claim, even with their humble family business structure. First I will discuss Ferrero from the company’s point of view. Ferrero claims to hold a very high standard for their company and products. First they have made their…show more content…
One big critique of the Ferrero company is that employees lose their new, excited energy. Most claim that this “family” run business is fabricated everything that they tell employees. It seems that they are stuck in the old way of doing things, perhaps due to the fact that they are trying to follow in previous generation’s footsteps. Again this does not seem to be a large majority of the employees though, and a minor complaint when it comes to points of attention. As a much larger issue, it seems that Ferrero has admitted to receiving raw ingredients, such as cocoa, from farms where slavery is used to collect resources. According the various sources, such as CNN, Ferrero is one of the first companies to openly accept responsibility for where they receive their products from. They do plan although to eradicate slavery on their farms by the year 2020, which should set an example for other large chocolate companies. Another large argument against Ferrero is accusations on where their palm oil comes from and the effect it has on the environment. Critics are enraged that Ferrero claims to use 100% sustainable palm oil, when they believe that this palm oil is actually taken from unsupervised land. The claims suggest that the excessive use of palm oil in these products in damaging the environment slowly but

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