Fermentation And Cellular Respiration

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Cellular Respiration is the metabolic reaction and process that occur in the cells of different organisms that convert energy, specifically biochemistry energy from nutrients into ATP to release waste products. ATP is the an abbreviation of adenosine triphosphate. ATP is broken down and releases energy and then turns into ADP. ADP is also an abbreviation for adenosine diphosphate. This ADP is used for a specific reason. It is used for metabolic processes. ADP is known as low energy, and ATP is known as the high energy. This is because ATP breaks down into a lower energy and turns into ADP. Cellular Respiration is a process that metabolic reactions take place , and where the large molecules that are present are broken down to become smaller. Cellular Respiration is also known as a combustion reaction. (AAPT 2000).
Every living thing uses cellular respirations, except plants. Fermentation is when bacteria or other microorganisms chemically breakdown a substance while giving off heat. Fermentation is used by making many food products, an drink products such as beer, and also fuel. Fermentation and Cellular Respiration are alike in many ways such as organisms make energy by breaking down glucose into energy. They are different because Fermentation makes ATP, while chemical respiration using nutrients to create energy and turns it into adenosine triphosphate. (Carter J.S. 2011)
Instead of Aerobic Respiration, Yeast cells undergo Fermentation. Fermentation is when you breakdown something chemically. Fermentation breaks down yeast, bacteria and any microorganisms, and giving off heat. For this type of process, extra heat and low oxygen is needed. But for aerobic respiration, oxygen is needed for that process. Anaerobic respiration ...

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...both broken down during this process of fermentation.
Your muscles generally get the energy they need for expanding and contracting from the aerobic breakdown of glucose. Sometimes, however, your muscles use the process of fermentation. Can you explain why?
Since our muscles generally get their muscles from contracting from the breakdown of glucose, there is another way such as the Lactic Acid Fermentation that is a process of fermentation that can be used. It is used because when our oxygen is low. So when our muscles font get enough oxygen from breathing we use fermentation.
9.Design an experiment to test the effect of pH on the rate of fermentation in yeasts.
An experiment i designed was putting different pH and then the yeast on a dish and put on the fermenting material which will show a reaction in a short time on the effect that the oh would have on the yeast.
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