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There are many obstacles that many people face in their lives. It may seem very hard to get around most of one’s obstacles. Someone may seem caged or fenced away from seeking greatness. Some may enjoy the luxury of being caged or fenced in due to having comfort of those near them. In August Wilsons play, Fences, the title is very significant due to the fact that there are many fences within this play. The fence in Fences is bigger than it actually seems to be. Throughout the play, there are different ways the fence is represented. The fence is meant to keep what is on the outside out and what is on the inside in. Troy Maxon deals with the struggle of determining which fences should stay in or out of his life. He deals with many fences, yet he fails to perceive the most important fence that is shown to him daily. His biggest fence is meant to keep him and his family together, instead he only pushes them away. Troy is not able to understand the damage he is doing by having many negative fences. Troy has been fenced in all of his life, causing him to become a bully, he has been fenced away from society due to racial inequality, and he also has been fenced away from his career in major league baseball.…show more content…
His father was not the wealthiest man, and was not the nicest man either when it came to raising Troy. Troy deals with being fenced into having a rough childhood life with his abusive father. At the age 14 Troy was forced to grow up and go out on his own because he feels if he can do a better job than his abusive father. Being

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