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In the play Fences, it is obvious that the father-son relationships between Troy and Cory, Troy and Lyons, and Troy and his own father were not love-filled relationships. With every father-son relationship, it seems that the son tried to escape from the limitations and restrictions that were established by the father. These relationships were all very complex. Even though there were many problems within these relationships, the father had a lifelong effect on his son(s) and their actions in the future.
The way that Troy treated his sons, Cory and Lyons, was solely based on his experience with his own father. Troy sometimes reflected on how his father treated him, saying, "Sometimes I wish I hadn't known my daddy. He ain't cared nothing about no kids.” (50). It is clear that Troy took after his father in that way, whether he wanted to be like his father or not. Even though Troy resented his father, he acted in the same way to his children as his own father did towards him. His father’s actions toward Troy shaped the way that Troy treated his own sons. Troy and his mother left his fat...
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