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Fences At first glance the title Fences seems to be a ordinary title for a play written by August Wilson. By the end of the play however the title fences is more than just a title. One of the most important symbol in the play is the fence that Troy and his son Cory built. The fence serves as the framework of the plot due to the fact that the character’s lives change throughout the play in constructing the fence. The title “Fences” represents the symbolic fences the main characters are building around themselves in order to keep people in or to prevent people from interfering. “Fence” may appear to be a simple title, but after reading the play it becomes obvious that it is a complex symbol which sums up the whole play. The playwright August Wilson uses the physical fence to show its many symbolic meanings. The fence symbolism is mainly used to depict Troy in the play. Troy constantly puts up a fence in his life to keep people out. He always criticizes his sons, Lyons and Cory, which makes them dislike their father. Troy pushes Lyons by not wanting to listen to the music that Lyons...
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