Feminist Views On Family And Family

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This article aims to explore that the feminist making a great change for the society, the author emphasizes family affected by feminist are the most and it makes female’s status and thinking style has dramatic change compare to different eras. Author 's objective is let people understand that pros and cons of feminism families in the study, and also use horizontal and vertical analysis the survey data to treats feminist trend critically. This article interpreted that how feminist change our society and family. In 1970~80s, female were suffering gender inequality in common nuclear families and also do household full time as units of social reproduction. Later on, due to the life style change, women starts have an idea about feminist…show more content…
So this resulting woman is the subordination in the family and society, and if women want to get equal status with men, they need to abandon marriage, abandon their families because of marital relations. This prompted both adult men and women of modern society thoughts of marriage and family if necessary or not, and how to ensure the equal status of husband and wife in marriage and family. Most countries agree that today 's society the institution of marriage between men and women is a necessary social institution, marriage and family is the basic unit of society constituted the stability of family is an important prerequisite for a peaceful and stable…show more content…
Feminism does not agree division of the private sphere and the public sphere, so that women think that this division is constrained in the private sphere – at home, resulting in low economic dependence on men and social status. By this ideological influence, although in today’s society some people still agree choose marriage, but not

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