Feminist Views Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is a job type that can be consider illegal in many countries. The biggest reason for prostitution or people driven to prostitution because of their low-income situation they are in or lack of education they have. Prostitution is known as “the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relationship for money or goods.” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2007) With prostitution being illegal it is still practiced around the world especially for people who have low access to every day needs. According to the textbook You May Ask Yourself the definition of functionalism is “the theory that various social institutions and processes in society exist to serve some important (or necessary) function to keep society running.” (Conley…show more content…
When Max Weber looks at the conflict within power and class, Feminist sociologists usually look on power and gender. Many Feminist believe the men or women coming into a sexual transaction are as bad as the prostitutes themselves because of the part they play. Feminist argue that most societies teaches boys to have control and or dominate girls and women, and they are expected to keep continuing this well into their adulthood. Society also teaches the girls that being submissive to the boys and or men is the way, and to continue these thoughts into adulthood. The jest of prostitution and a male centered society support each other very well. That’s because prostitution supports and encourages ideas that women should be considered to be lesser than a man or be…show more content…
B., & Meier, R. F. 2011) A prostitute worker can see her or his job as power made real because she has ownership of her own body, which gives it her right to use her body as she wants. In the other hand if he or she is being pushed into prostitution because of the lack of education and money then they might fell as if they own their body what so ever. It's kind of like what the act of sex itself symbolizes to them control, power, love.

After all sex, itself has such a different aspect on everyone’s life; but for a prostitute it might just be a lack of education or lack of money. We all must service in the world even if your job is illegal in most countries, you still must find a way to survive. A prostitute still makes a living through their exchange. And the men or women interacting or paying for the service should be held to the same guild or conscious as the prostitute because they are equally
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