Feminist Theory Of Rape

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Rape is a vicious, terrible act that can scar a victim for the rest of his or her life. Women have always been seen as less than men. A couple of hundreds of years ago women were seen as a man’s property and slowly but surely women have gained their independence from men with the right to vote, to hold property, to and divorce a man. But even with advances women have made they are still considered weak compared to men. Domestic violence, rape, and marital rape are becoming more and more common. Today women are fighting for the right to say “no” in any and every situation, including when she is married to the man. Marital rape was not always seen as illegal and many psychologist have come up with theories as to why that is. There are potential…show more content…
The feminist theory sees marital rape as social control of women by men through the patriarchal family (#1). This is also seen through patriarchal terrorism which “refers to the methodic use of violence by men in an endless effort to control women,” and the idea that a marriage license is in a sense a “‘license to rape’” because men can dominate their wives without a fear of repercussions (#1). Social constructionism proclaims that marital rape is the result of men trying to keep their power in society, themselves, and what they claim to be their property (#1). This idea claims marital rape to be “shaped by the interest of people with power in society,” (#1). Sex role socialization theorists believe marital rape and the minimization of the effects of martial rape are caused by the gender roles that are taught to children at a young age (#1). Growing up “men are taught to be dominant, powerful, and sexually aggressive” but women “are taught to be passive [and] submissive,” (#1). Women are also taught to be sexual gate keepers, with “the notion that once a woman has consented to” sex she cannot go back, and to be a good wife, which includes performing the “wife’s duty to sexually please her husband,” (#1). It’s hard to say which theory correctly explains why marital rape was accepted for so long, any of the three can be correct or a combination of the three could be
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