Feminist Perspective Essay

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Feminist approaches and perspectives on gender
The two articles by Reed (1999) troubling boys and disturbing discourses and by Ringrose (2007) gender and education. Both of these articles highlight how gender plays a role in education. For example, it shows how girls outplay boys in exams.
Feminist believe that society is dominated by males as in the past women have been disadvantaged in the society and men had power. In schools girls studied subjects like cookery that helped them to become a good housewife and a mother (Trueman, 2015). Feminist believed that this was wrong and changes were needed. All the feminist theories focused on the differences between men and women and how problems can be solved. Feminist believe that education can help
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Although, cookery is still being taught in schools but it 's aimed at boys and girls. This shows that girls are being treated equally.
In the article by Reed (1999) it shows that there is a massive gap between GCSE grades of girls and boys. For example, in 1995 48.1% girls achieved GCSE grades A*-C whereas 39% boys achieved A*-C grade. This shows how well girls performed in all of the subjects that were aimed at boys. Emotions can affect boys from performing well in their exams. This is because anxiety and stress can affect the way a child thinks, this is why when children often misread the question (Education Scotland, n.d.). This might be the reason why some boys underachieve in exams. This shows that emotions play a role in the way the child learns so to be successful it is important to be in
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They say that there are inequalities in the school curriculum and show that school is like a patriarchal society where there is gender differences when it comes to subject choices (Cook, 2008). Despite girls performing better than boys in their studies they are still experiencing male dominated culture in the classrooms. However, the liberal feminist fight against the patriarchal systems is by establishing legislations like the Equal Rights Amendments that can help girls to be treated equal as boys. Feminist were successful in identifying gender inequalities in education and they were able to make changes to. For example, today there are more women who have achieved higher grades in their GCSE and A-levels compared to the men and more women are off to university than men. However, there is an issue of why boys are underachieving than girls. In the Ringrose article it states that due to cultures like drugs boys might be underachieving as they might not be into education instead they want to be a cool boy. However, Francis argues that not all girls are performing well and not all boys are underachieving (Francis, 2006). In this article it shows that a middle class boy performs better than a working class girl. If boys are underachieving then gender cannot be blamed for it instead there can be other factors that can affect their performance such as ethnicity and class (Curtis & Pettigrew,
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