Feminist Movement Feminism

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Hannah Brooks
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Feminist movement
Reproductive rights, Equal pay, Women’s suffrage, and Domestic violence are some issues that have changed for all women due to the feminist movement which is a series of campaigns that fall under feminism which is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men without this movement women today would not be as independent and self-sufficient.
Until 1896 women did not have any rights. In fact they basically were property to their family or husband. Their role in society was to marry, have kids, and take care of home, husband and kids. In 1896 the first law involving women to having rights was passed and it was a law about women being able to vote. If not for women back then having a back bone today’s generation of women would still be taking orders from men.
Women’s suffrage was and is a very important subject matter. Women suffrage is the right for a woman to vote. In 1869 the Wyoming territory was the first to pass a women’s suffrage law. In that following year women...
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