Feminist Movement

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Feminist Movement

In the aftermath of World War II, the lives of the women have changed dramatically. Women spoke their minds out and wanted to be heard. World War II brought them a new outlook on how they should live their lives. It encouraged women organize social movements such as boycotts and public marches pushing for their human rights and protect them against discrimination. Alongside, they formed their own organization representing them against the federal government like the NOW or National Organization for Women. Through the years, women have been struggling to fight for equal rights and unfortunately still exist even at the present in some areas. Yes, women’s status was not like what they used to back then, where their roles where to stay home do household chores and take care of the children. Now, women have grown to be a new person. They have accomplished their goals and work wherever they want these days. But despite of their success in the feminist movements, it was all due to their personal struggle and hard work. The feminist movement has changed women’s status in the history of our society socially, politically, and economically. The changes made, influenced the society in positive and negative outcomes.

Traditionally, women are stereotyped as being committed to only on doing household works but in our society today, they play significant roles not only at home but also in workplaces such as schools, offices, and businesses. They are now able to have the careers of their choice, and even have the same careers as men do. For example, back then being a police officer is ought to be a man’s job. Nowadays, one can see a woman entering different fields of occupation like in law, carpentry, medicine and sports. This proves that women have as equal rights as men.

Although women have attained such freedom, they tend to take advantage of it and go overboard. Women, today, are very liberated on how they present themselves in society. To be more specific, is how they dress and act or the way they carry themselves in public. For instance, Britney Spears, a famous entertainer, dresses immodestly and act wildly by doing things under the influence of alcohol such as getting married and getting annulled the next day. Unluckily, as a public figure she is being looked up to especially by young girls. They try to copy her and wear too ...

... middle of paper ... negative outcome, it is still a very significant event that greatly affected the modern society. Women today owe their freedom to the women suffragists who fought for all of the women’s rights today. Today’s women should pay their respect to the women of the past by celebrating their freedom and by continuing what they have started. If it were not for the suffragists’ courage and bravery, the world would have been so different from now. Without their movement, modern women would not be able to attain so much freedom such as being able to work, to get involve in politics and become leaders, and being able to own businesses. Such freedom has opened many doors for women all over the world at the present and in the future.

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28 Sept. 2004
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