Feminist Model Essay

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Assignment 2 For the purpose of this assignment, I have chosen to focus on the feminist model for ethical decision-making. The Corey, Corey, & Callanan (2011) defines the feminist model as “involving clients at every state of the process, a strategy based on the feminist principle that power should be equalized in the therapeutic relationship”(p. 20). I believe the feminist model to be the most effect model in approaching a wide variety of ethical dilemmas as it involves the client in constructing a possible solution, giving the client some level of autonomy in regards to his/her future. Through the feminist model, a counselor reduces imposing their values onto students while validating the ethical dilemma the student is experiencing. Aspects of the social constructionist model are also applicable with the feminist model in confronting ethical dilemmas and creating ethical decision-making interaction. Positive qualities regarding social constructionist modeled focuses the decision in the social context itself, not in the mind of the person making the decision (Corey et al. 2011, p. 21). Though as the feminist model would focus on the mind of the person making the decision, I would incorporate social context into conversations revolving ethical dilemmas in higher education. Social constructionist model includes approaches to use when challenging students which include: “negotiating, consensualizing, and when…show more content…
As Corey et al. (2011) states non-maleficence as, “counselors avoid doing harm, which includes refraining from actions that risk hurting clients...practitioners need to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity when assessing their clients”. (20) Being culturally aware and sensitive when assessing clients helps assist counselors from disclosing personal values that might be damaging for the client. Remaining
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