Feminist Ethical Theory

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What do you think of when you hear feminism? A lot of people think it’s about women wanting to be treated equally like men. In reality, it’s way more than them just wanting to be treated equally. There’s a theory called the feminist ethical theory, which is what feminism is based on. The feminist ethical theory explains a lot about what people are morally supposed to do, and not to do, what makes a morally good person in society, and how we act in different situations like allowing refugees in your country.
According to the theory, one thing morally that we should do is care for all people, not just your loved ones. The theory explains if we start caring for all people we morally will be more open to people, their ideas, and not judge, or make decisions just based on what your loved ones think, or say. They believe emotions are something that helps us
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The first thing that makes a person good is that they have others in their mind, besides just themselves when making decisions. Another thing is that morally right people cares for people besides their loved ones. They don’t fight with other people but instead value all people’s opinions. The good person makes their roles in other people’s lives a priority. He or she doesn’t conform to what everyone else is doing. They value their uniqueness. These people take into account the situation, the consequences, and all the people involved before making decisions. The morally right people have peace with everyone and their world. The morally right people value their emotions and don’t hide them. They also don’t treat everyone the same, because we all are made differently. Morally right people no matter male, or female will want justice, and do anything to have justice. They will also be more flexible, and not so strict. All in all, they won’t be gender bias. The person will value other people’s opinions, but will not let people take advantage of

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