Feminist Criticism of Henrik Isben's A Doll's House

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Through the eyes of society in the late 1800s, women were seen only as

incompetent pretty little nothings. Keeping an eyeful watch on the house, starting their

pre-destined act of motherhood, and becoming followers on the narrow path behind their

husbands were the duties of a woman. In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, he criticizes the sexist

ways women were exploited in 1879, during a time known as The Victorian Era.

Nora’s character, in A Doll’s House, represents the treatment that every woman

was subjected to during The Victorian Era. As pure little play dolls for their

husbands, women were treated in extremely childish ways. Such as the scene demonstrated

in A Doll’s House when Nora is caught in a lie, telling her husband no one was present

at the house when indeed Helmer saw that Krogstad was there. Helmer wags his finger at

Nora and says, “ Never must my little songbird do a thing like that! Little songbirds

must keep their pretty little beaks out of mischief; no chirruping out of tune!” (Ibsen

949). In the public eye, by men, women were essentially looked at ...

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