Feminist Criticism Of Free Love

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Here we see different types of writers give such incidents find effect ion in a lot of things in the writings “Mistress” of their views in a different manner. Here the concept of “free love” was therefore used by these feminists as a personal and individual response to the social and legal constraints that a conventional marriage laid upon them. By remaining free, they hoped to retain not only their independence but those rights that, in spite of some change in the law, they still lost on marriage, including rights over the detention of their children. At the one level the women writing in India are a joyous retrieval of artifacts that signify women’s achievement. At another, they represent a difficult and inventive movement in the theory and practice of feminist criticism. We have reread established writers and are introducing several comparatively little known ones. They will be surprises even for, say Telugu readers in our collection of Telugu literature. In English translation, what we have is a stupendous body of new work. Judge by conventional standards, many of the pieces col...
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