Feminist Criticism In Dream Children By Gail Godwin

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Dream Children is a fascinating story of a young woman who only dreams to be free because she lives within a society where women are looked upon as lesser than men. While using mainly the Feminist criticism but also the Marxism criticism, the story evolved into this passionate story of a women going through her own life trying to escape from society and its patriarchal ways. The Feminist criticism looks at a usually male-dominated perspective from a feminist point of view. Gender roles are big part of feminism; especially during the time Dream Children was written. Women’s rights were just starting to progress. Though these advances were being made, the ideal societal family was for the women to stay at home and take care of the house and…show more content…
Looking at the author gives an insight into the writing that the original reader wouldn’t see. Gail Godwin, the author of Dream Children, came from a wealthy home; she was very much privileged for the 1940’s. Within her profession Godwin was a strong, successful woman; she had five of her books get on the New York Times Bestseller List, and was a finalist for the National Book Award. These types of accomplishments where not often seen made by women. Gail Godwin grew up in the prime for women’s rights. Although she grew up privileged she was still trapped in societies…show more content…
McNair’s childhood when she sleepwalks to the pond as a kid. This is where Mrs.McNair always went to get away from things. This plays a big part when the little boy shows up in a dream like state. She is escaping to him, to the baby boy she connected with in the hospital. She is confused because the baby boy she connected with at the hospital wasn’t hers, yet she still dreams about him, about how he is doing. Mrs.McNair lost her own child and through a mistake in the hospital connected with someone else’s, who then had to be taken away from her. While she is dealing with that hardship her husband is never home during the week and is cheating on her. Yet society says she still needs to keep her prim and proper ways other wise she may cause uproar in society. On the other hand Mr.McNair was applauded for his actions, for sticking around with Mrs. McNair while having a mistress. He stayed the good guy throughout the story. While Mrs. McNair and other females during this time, were limited in almost everything that they did. Her actions reflected on her husband. The women of society had a duty to maintain this standard of perfection no matter what they were going through in their
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