Feminism in William Gibson's Neuromancer

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Feminism in Neuromancer Neuromancer is an amazingly complex novel. Being one of the first of its kind, Gibson tells a chilling tale of a world where computers, and a thing called " the matrix," become more "real" than reality. The story, set in the not-so-distant future, has our hero, Henry Dorsett Case, embarking on an adventure that stretches the limits of the reader's imagination. But even though Case is our main character, there are others with as much or more power and influence. Women play a significant role in aiding Case throughout his mission. Not only are they noteworthy, they hold most of the "power" and at the end, it is a woman who holds the final "key." By using the feminist approach to literary criticism, we can explore these female characters to find out how they contribute to the overall plot. Feminist literary criticism looks at how literary works portray women. They look to see if there is any social power exerted by females. Feminists also see our culture as a "patriarchal society organized in favor of the interest of men." (HCA...

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