Feminism in Science

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In my paper, I will be discussing feminism in the field of science and critiquing Godfrey-Smith for not covering the topic as well as he should have. Since this is a serious issue, I believe Godfrey-Smith should have argued his side efficiently instead of not stating his opinions clearly. I feel that his use of questions, in place of his opinions, are mainly excuses to avoid critiques from feminist and other social groups. He could have done a lot with this chapter to teach us about feminist issues in the field of science and I feel he did not do it justice based on the small amount of material provided.
Feminism is a study to help create equal opportunities for women where they are being oppressed in our society. Feminism is a very broad term to cover all the relationships between a man and woman. Godfrey-Smith’s definition is that “feminism in general aims to understand and fight against inequalities between sexes, with respect to political rights, economic standing, and social status.” One downside of this study is that the people who consider themselves ‘feminist’ do not always agree on the action they should take to improve women’s lives, as I’ll show later on. However, this study should still be taken seriously because feminist do agree on one thing and that is that women are being oppressed in our society.
Godfrey-Smith does not give a clear opinion towards feminism, but after reading the chapter, I believe I may have some ideas of where he sides on this subject. He states, “Feminist thinking about science makes up a diverse movement. It is unified, perhaps, by the idea that science has been part of a structure that has perpetuated inequalities between men and women.” His use of the word “perhaps”, in my opinion, means th...

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...ource of knowledge. Feminist empiricism is acknowledging that men and women approach the world and experience it differently. How can this not be a valuable source of knowledge? Men and women are embodied in the world, not separate from it. This also means that our conflicting physical and psychological composition matters in a significant way. A clear example is Evelyn Fox Keller who discovered “jumping genes.” She claims how her subject Barbra McClintock had a “feeling for the organism” that was different from her male coworkers.
In conclusion, I believe Godfrey-Smith needs to clearly state his opinion and give more information on the topic overall. I believe he overlooks this topic because of his beliefs that it holds no importance to scientific results and data. I think both women and science would be better served by having a greater amount of women in science.
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