Feminism Reflection Paper

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All good things must come to an end at some point in time. I am extremely saddened that my time in Women Studies is now over. At the beginning of this course I considered myself feminist based on the knowledge that I had acquired prior to this course. I can say, with extreme confidence, that I am a true feminist and it is my duty to uphold feminist efforts. The engaging and informative class discussions and movies has reinforced my attitude toward feminism. Three main topics this semester influenced my desire to be a feminist heavily: the beauty standards discussion, the women & violence discussion and videos, and the discussion about contraceptives women take to avoid pregnancy taught me things about women have created me into a feministic…show more content…
Our culture silences us about some of the most important issues and has programmed us to ignore the things that are negative. Discussions were also the ultimate source of reinforcing why I considered myself to be feminist from the start. The discussion on body image was the first that created the love I have for feminism. I learned in this discussion how negatively beauty standards affect the women in society. Confidence is key in life, and it has the ability to affect all aspects on a person’s life. Instead of people speaking out against the outrageous attributes society wants us to have, we fall into an inferior mindset and strive to alter ourselves. I learned that over 7 million American women have an eating disorder. There are millions of women risking their health in order to be “perfect”, when true perfection is the ability to love one’s self. Men use these standards to make women feel less than and push them to extremes to satisfy their gaze. Men are not bombarded with different requirements, or hyper sexualized constantly in order to sell products. Women are forced to be flawless, sexy, but yet innocent then they are later abused both sexually and physically. Beauty standards reinforced my desire to be a feminist because I know what it is like to feel pressured to echo an image that is not

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