Feminism: Not Quite About Burning Bras

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“They want us around for parties, banter, and most of all sex, but they don’t view us as intellectual equals.” This statement comes from a girl in Chesire who started a feminist society at her school after noticing how women are not treated fairly. Society has grown up in a world men and women are not perceived as equals, and the ones who advocate for equality are considered crazy. Feminism is lacking in today’s society due to the overwhelming demand to keep the patriarchy in place, because that is what society has grown up with throughout history. The question is, why has the world not accepted an egalitarian society? With this astonishing lack of feminism in society the world needs to allow it back in as how society functions, but before that will ever happen, the world needs to look at why it needs it, what it is which includes the stereotypes associated with it, and ending with the goals of women right’s activists. Without the feminist ideology present in culture, many people have suffered and continue to suffer. Over a century ago, the suffragette movement started and boys are still raised to believe that they are superior (“Society” 3). This is evident in the ways females are stereotyped, treated, and thought of. Many women get accused of being hysterical when trying to discuss issues relating to the unfairness (“Society” 2). Women live in a society where they are not “allowed” to do many things. The culture today silences the narrations and experiences of women and using the term that the worst thing a man could be would to be female (Lang 3). A lack of feminism prevents women from being able to speak out and feel free. They suffer from being silenced. However, feminism is the solution to freeing the oppressed and empo... ... middle of paper ... ... world is taught to believe is the only key to equality. The absence of feminism is stunning and people need to allow it in their lives; with the acknowledgments of the reasons why millions of women are oppressed, how society defines feminism, and the goals that every feminist and everybody should strive for, it is evident now, feminism is strong needed in the world. Both men and women suffer from it and it plays an integral role in society’s culture today. To fix this problem, society’s way of living needs to go through an upheaval of ways. Women and men need to become equal. This is a global issue and continuation of it will be devastating. It is a simple concept to understand and to adjust to. Continuous living in a society where women are oppressed causes every single person to live an oppressed life and embracing the feminism movement is the only cure.

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