Feminism In The Workplace Case Study

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Integrating Feminist Ideals in the Workplace In today’s society, the growth of women in the American office job has substantially increased since 1972 (38%) to today’s population of 51% (Dorning Feb. 2015). However, even with the growth of presence of women in the workplace, women are still under the constant subordinate level from higher levels of male workers. Thus creating the Feminist organizations all of their own workplace that hold the ideals of feminism without the constant strand of male dominance. Nevertheless, trying the balance the cooperation that holds both the ideals of feminism while still having it being attracted to the outside consumer world. Thus, the balance of establishing the role of feminism in organizations in a…show more content…
Thus, they extended research on organizational identity by indicating how this ideology can satisfy the business, and consumer world. Feminist organizations are facing two distinctive challenges that create difficulty to figure identity which are image, and culture. These organizational identity can be influence by perceptions made by those of stakeholders. This can relate to the advertisers, who ensure the commercially capability, that can account for both the feminist and the non-feminist stakeholders at the same time. However, to satisfy the non-feminist stakeholder, the feminist is often mainstreamed or depoliticized in the advertising if ideology. Even though some organizations tried to employ the equality in the feminist theory within their business, it was too easy to depoliticize the feminist ideals and just follow by the more major market of those of non-feminist ideologies. Thus, creating a riff within the overall function of businesses that are founded upon the feminist

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