Feminism In The Story Of An Hour

Women rights has flourished this past decade. They have came a long way to get to where they are today. For instance, our nation is on the verge to having our very first female president. The amount of feminist accomplishments that has occurred further highlights the transition our women’s rights today compared to back then. “The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin, an American writer best known for her feminist stories about the lives of daring women, portrays women’s lack of freedom in the 1800s by addressing the concerns of feminism. Those including the escape from the husband’s identity to express the woman’s own unique identity and the right of women to be their own person by experiencing her own interest. In spite of the fact that there is a controversial aspect to the story, the reaction Mrs. Mallard experiences after learning her husband’s death, the reader can still empathize and…show more content…
Mallard, a housewife, seeking to obtain a freedom and self-identity that wasn’t offered to women of the nineteenth century. Within a short period she won her freedom and had a blissful outlook on life, until that freedom was snatched from her ultimately leading to her internal suicide. As the reader can infer, Mrs. Mallard 's actions were solely based on her abused rights, so anyone can emphasize and proudly support her. Living in that era was tough for all women due to the lack of women’s rights. Yet, today women have equal rights to men in most of the nation, including companies, politics, corporations, etc. Many Americans have became feminist since the nineteenth century to correct the wrongs of living that Mrs. Mallard had suffered. We have same so far as a nation that even when couples get divorce it leaves the man and wife equal with the possessions and the children. “The Story of an Hour,” is an inspiration story that many modern-day wives and women would find it insightful and maybe even allow them to oppose their husbands when need
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