Feminism In The Female Body

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Turned, pulled, stretched, tucked; molded by the average man with a wedge and hammer at hand. The female body is a dissected organism in which tolerance is searched for. In search for a tolerable female form, modifications on the female body are performed. This lust for acceptance and understanding causes females to partake in methods of “beautifying themselves” to please man. Man, the omnipotent being whose thoughts and words cascade onto the hearts of women causing mutilation, suppression, and the desire to discover oneself. Upon the discovery that the female body portrays different views amongst the culturally different beings, social movements allow the unvoiced words to be shared. Within the social movements founded by feminism, the social movement that will be focused on throughout the piece a feminist perspective on the body. The body in its natural form can cause controversy among those who view it in a criminal manner. The issue with the female body is that…show more content…
Such treatment includes the forming of laws that prevent women from exposing their body whilst men have the ability to do so without the presence of shame. The female body is constantly manipulated via the media in an attempt to create the perfect body. With the false image of the perfect female body produced to the public, females attempt to recreate the bodies seen via body modifications like surgery, self-harm including eating disorders, and the mutilation of the body via feet bondage and genital manipulation. With the intention to solve the problem of the female body being conditioned the social movement uses forms of art and protesting to get the message across to the public. Although the subject of having no body shame is for both genders the credibility of whether or not the conditioning of the female mind on the body is truly a problem
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