Feminism In A Cyborg Manifesto By Donna Haraway

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In the essay ‘A Cyborg Manifesto,’ Donna Haraway starts off by explaining the three boundary breakdowns since the 20th Century that have allowed for her crossbreed, cyborg fable: the breakdown of boundaries between human and animal, animal-human and machine, and physical and non-physical. (Haraway, 1991, p. 152-153). The other important aspect that Haraway raises is the concept of fractured identities, particularly feminine identities in a largely paternal Society. Within this, she largely raises severe concern with regard to non-white women and their inability to voice concerns (she calls such cases negative identities). With regard to the concept of the cyborg fable, one does see a breakdown of boundaries between some of the frameworks mentioned, but not all and even if the breakdown has occurred, the extents vary widely. Further it also appears that the author tries to superimpose the cyborg boundary breakdowns to the fractured feminine identities. It becomes somewhat ambiguous for a reader to understand the divide that Haraway is trying to outline when she is, in fact, trying to...
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