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Feminism, what does this mean? Most people when thinking of feminism, they think of the 20th century and think that this is when it all started however this is false. Feminism has been going on for ages; during the enlightenment one of the most influential feminists occurred and her name is Mary Wollstonecraft. Throughout the years, feminists and the feminist movement have had to deal with heartache, struggle and change all while trying to maintain peace. Feminism although still quite similar to what we think today has evolved tremendously over the past number of years. Below I will discuss some of the similarities and differences between these three time periods and the evolution that has occurred.
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However, one element was forgotten even though they did make up half the population. Can you guess who that was? If you guessed women you are right. Even though laws were made to make everyone equal women had been forgotten, left behind. The enlightenment period was the birth of incredible feminist ideas (McKay, Crowston, Weisner-Hanks and Perry, 2016). One woman in particular really moved this movement along and her name is Mary Wollstonecraft. She often preached about women being just as strong, intelligent and independent; she believed that this could not be proven however, because women were always held back. They were not given a chance to be taught, they have been oppressed for so long and they were taught to be submissive and so they would not know any better. A common thought during this period in fact was that “women lacked the intellectual and emotional capacity to participate in politics” (McKay, Crowston, Weisner-Hanks and Perry, 2016). Though they did not win this fight they had won the right to an education and although this was not quite the education they expected it was a step forward. They continued to persevere and…show more content…
The women of the First wave feminist movement believed that this is the hardest job of all and thye are not compensated for it. Swanwick once said that “as mothers and homemakers women are doing work of the highest national importance and economic value, but this value is on which returns to the nation as a whole and only in small and very uncertain part to the women themselves” (Swanwick, 1916). They wanted to be paid the same as men for doing the same work as them which is a similar concept of today that we have. One element that had not been discussed in past movements was in fact the right for women to be able to own their own land and be contributing members of society. Simone de Beauvoir said it best she said, “it is through work that woman has been able, to a large extent, to close the gap separating her from the male; work alone can guarantee her concrete freedom” (Simone de Beauvoir, 1949). Another element discussed was the right to her own body. She believes that women deserve the right to decide whether or not they want to have a baby. Although babies are nice they can be a damper on a woman. If a woman has a baby before marriage it ruins her reputation and so she has to get married which then she loses her freedom. It becomes a loose loose situation when women do not have a right to their own bodies

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