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Feminism The apparent discrimination of women and consequential psychological and physical effects call for social and political reform concerning women’s rights in all aspects of life. Feminism is needed to promote and facilitate that reform by promoting and establishing the advancement of women. Feminism is the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality with men is a necessary movement in modern American society because there is a multitude of ways in which women are oppressed and discriminated against. This is evident when considering the gender pay gap, the objectification of women in the media, and rape culture.
Gender Pay Gap In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was passed in an effort to eradicate
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For women of color, that amount ranges from 54 to 65 cents for every dollar (Leber, 2015). According to a study by The American Association of University Women, on average, “Hispanic, African American, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian women had lower median annual earnings compared with non-Hispanic white and Asian American women”(Hill, 2016). Work experience, amount of education, hours worked and age were all taken into consideration when conducting research. Controlling such variables allows for reliable and valid observations to be…show more content…
This is how the Stanford rape survivor who chose to remain anonymous starts her letter in which she addresses her attacker. The young woman’s statement describes her suffering in vivid detail recounting her experience of the night from arriving to a party and coming to in a hospital several hours later. January 2015 Brock Turner was convicted on three counts of felony sexual assault. In an alley behind a dumpster he was found by two cyclists sexually assaulting the young woman. Even though Turner was convicted, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced him to only six months in Santa Clara County Jail saying that “prison would have a severe impact Turner”(O’Connor 2016). This is a prime example of rape culture in America. Rape culture is the way in which society blames victims of sexual assault even if it is verbal, and normalizes male sexual violence. When the news first covered the case, he was referred to not as a rapist, but as a student athlete and instead of his mug shot being shown, his student picture was circulated as well as his athletic achievements. Portraying Turner in this way trivializes his crimes and sends a message that says as a man your violence against women will be tolerated and even ignored. Every day women are subject to cat calls, groping, or worse only to later be questioned accusatorily about their appearance and their actions. Generally, men are never approached
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