Feminism And Women 's Rights Movement

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Feminism Today women have more rights and are treated differently than before. Society back then didn 't see how valuable women were. They didn 't see that women are capable of many things. They have suffered the most and always will. Men should give women their space and freedom. Feminism fights for equality between men and women, in the short story “Of An Hour’’ the main character fails to meet her expectations and how feminist is today 's changed. Certainly, feminism has always been a dilemma in the society . “A lack of economic opportunities , and the absence of voice is one of them”(The Women 's Rights movement 1). Before no one believed in women as being something else. They would just see them as a housewife , they would have them there with their children and never let them out. “ For much of the 1850’s they agitated against the denial of basic economic freedoms for women”(The women 's rights movements 1).”No doubt it had something to do with the actions of women themselves with the actions of women themselves with their desire to break out of the limits on their sex”(The Role Of The Wife And Mother, 1). However women would try not to let themselves down. There was a women who actually stood up and said how we have the same rights as men. “No one is more than others, everybody is equal.” This happened for years for feminism, they had inequality but before women could enjoy some of the very few rights they had but it wasn 't much. In some of the countries they couldn 't vote. Women 's words didn 't meant anything, there was a lower class of women that did had to work outside because that had to work outside because they were different . “Fewer men and women were attuned to national political issues which increasingly , w... ... middle of paper ... ...he other changes for feminists today. They’ve become famous on television, with technology women do more stuff men can’t do. Feminism are seeing equal now. Also, feminists have gone to school and get education when they didn’t had that back then. It all depends on the women now if they let themselves be treated bad by anyone. Policies are different and they shouldn 't be scared. They are free with liberty and can travel around now because there 's more places to go. Women can learn how to drive and manage their own business. Nothing is impossible for feminism today. They are important just as everyone else. As have noted women have changed over the time. Slightly they gained their rights and have moved on from suffering. Women equality became more important and with Mrs. Mallard example it showed how connected it was to the feminism having to be with their husbands.

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