Feminism And Gender Inequality

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Why does our world need feminism? Most people aren’t even encountered with the topic; they are almost oblivion to it! There are so many things wrong with the world and getting a lower wage because you are a woman and not a man is one of them-do I need to mention that the work involves the same duties? There is a lack of notice that women find the wage gap as a problem. Gender inequalities are a huge factor in the workplace; we think that it is unfair. Feminism is needed to resolve this conflict because women have fallen behind compared to men, due to unequal pay. On top of the discussed information above, women are also being overworked. Not only do we get paid less than men, but we are also presents with an infinite amount of duties that our society doesn’t give us enough credit for nor do we get paid for it. Thanks to gender roles the child care and the house work falls in her hands. Has anyone ever though, “Hey! She must be tired”? A woman’s work falls from one end of the infinity…show more content…
Society has wrapped their heads around that if you are man you need to be strong, muscular, hairy, bossy and a protector in order to be masculine. Women have to be pretty, clean, follows the rules, not talk to much and to not be loud. Clearly, the expectations that society has for men to be ‘masculine’ and or a woman to be ‘feminine ‘is going to influence their personality an identity. In order for people to follow these expectation they will have to alter who they are, how they speak, the way they carry and represent themselves in social interaction with other member of the society in order to fit it and be accepted. We pay very close attention to the gender roles that we have established. The gender that we have stepped into will determine how we are treated and how we treat others (Zevallos, Zuleyka
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