Feminist. A word that most people shy away from because of the bad reputation attached to the word. The F word, “feminist”, has been tagged along with many bad stereotypes. People hear the word and automatically assume that feminists are unfeminine and man-haters. However, a feminist is someone who advocates for social, economic and political equality from both genders.
Becoming a feminist does not require one to agree with all of the aspects of feminism. In other words, anyone could be a feminist. Feminism is humanism. Singer Beyonce Knowles once stated,"Humanity requires both men and women, and we are equally important and need one another.” Women make up more than half of the world’s population; but, they only contribute to about a fifth of the decision making in the world. For centuries, women were unable to voice their own opinions. Leaving most of them silenced and discriminated. In today’s life, I believe all women are strong and should speak out for what they genuinely think due from a man’s masculinity. All women should become equal to all men and not set a low standard for themselves. Feminism is the topic I have chosen to advocate. My goal is to demonstrate that all women and men should rise up and support gender equality.
As a feminist, you do not rely on people telling who you are. Again, many women around the world are kept silenced from what they believe in. They are battered, sexually abused or harassed for doing so. In 2006 about 231,000, women were experienced with physical assaults and rape in the U.S. Young girls and women are at risk of sexually violated at the ages, 14 through 24.
Though some women become so hurt they get tired of trying to make a change and eventually stop. However, feminist women are sta...

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...and political equality for both sexes is a feminist. I surely believe all feminists are strong and need to speak out on their behalf to what they think in the world. Women should not be kept hidden due from man's masculinity.

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