Feminine Leadership Essay

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Leadership plays an indispensable role in any aspect of our lives, from everyday decision making to economy, politics and society in general. There are different styles of leadership, which correspondingly offer different benefits. Recently, people have been increasingly aware of one leading style that is argued to be superiorly advantageous: the feminine leadership style. More specifically, feminine leadership has been proved to be more efficient in avoiding crisis as well as handling the aftermath of a crisis. As a long-term result, it helps boost our societal performance as a whole.

To begin with, studies show that when women embrace feminine leadership, incorporating traits like empathy, team-builder and vision, they are higher favored, more efficient, and can improve organizational performance. In fact, according to a recent global survey, 66% responders preferred leaders who exhibited feminine leadership traits.

But what causes these gender differences in leading styles? Researches into this issue have revealed that this is a result of the variety in confidence, bluffing, social risks and emotional and social recognition between the two genders. Men tend to be more overconfident and optimistic when it comes to dealing with social dilemma; whereas women have a higher social sensitivity
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And as presented, economic and societal performance can be blooming when feminine leadership takes place and play a considerable role. What we should be aware of is that not only women can embody this kind of leadership. And in fact, most successful leaders now are deemed to combine both masculine and feminine styles. The important notion is the challenging and breaking of stereotypes of women’s inability to lead; that the awareness of this leadership style is signaling an effective gradual social
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