Females and Their Struggle Within the Political and Armed Force Community

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There are many issues within Canada that are controversial to gender policing within society. The first topic that I looked into was the controversies regarding women and their rights and freedoms of choosing prostitution has their lifestyle. A women who chooses prostitution as her lifestyle is usually put down by society due to the ideology that prostitution is a sinful and disgraceful act that should be abounded from society. Thus, there are numerous reasons why women who belong in such occupation are put into situations in which their rights and freedoms are violated because it is not easily accepted in Canada. Additionally, due to prostitution, the ideology that women are can be easily controlled is highly influenced upon. I believe the controversy of female prostitution has been a serious issue for numerous years due to the changing views within society and also the cultural values and views within Canada that contribute to the controversies that these women face today who have chosen such lifestyle for themselves. The second topic that I have chosen to touch upon is the controversies regarding women and their rights to being accepted in a law occupation, such as a police officer, pharmaceutical, politician or lawyer. It is hardly likely to find a woman in a political uniform preforming her duties in a high violence part of town. As an ideology of society, it is not accepted that women should be a part of the political community due to the ideology that women are weak, and also do not have the knowledge about political aspects as the men do within society. Due to the views within society, women are looked down upon regarding their political careers. Thus, they cannot be accepted due to their gender. I believe the controver... ... middle of paper ... ...e police force is sexual harassment. Women in these occupations are vulnerable to harassment and discrimination due to the male-dominance that is present within the military and the police force. Studies show, in the Canadian military, sexual harassment reported by women has decreased from 26 percent to 14 percent today (Gill. R, R.Febbraro). However, it is believed that women are not reporting sexual harassment due to the lack of opportunities they have to talk to an individual about such incidents and most importantly their past social behaviours becomes the main point of the investigation. Due to such injustice present within the armed forces, Canadian women choose not to take part in such occupations because they will have to deal with living in a male-dominant community that emotionally, mentally and physically tortures them since they are the opposite gender.

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