Female Suicide Bombers

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This article provides a deep insight into the growing phenomenon of female suicide bombers over the past twenty-five years. Such women have been used by both secular and the religious militant organizations. At the beginning, religious organizations were against the idea of using females in suicide bombing. However, after seeing some of the successes scored by secular organizations which were using female suicide bombers, religious organizations also started adopting this tactic. The primary focus of the author is to identify the reasons for women becoming suicide bombers. It may seem surprising that women choose such an end because women are generally considered submissive and peace-loving. Bloom lists different motives which can provoke females into suicide bombing. These are: “to avenge a personal loss, to redeem the family name, to escape a life of sheltered monotony and achieve fame, or to equalize the patriarchal societies in which they live” (Bloom, 2007). The author gives her own perspective and says that female suicide bombers fail to achieve their goals. For instance, she argues that those who become suicide bombers in order to equalize patriarchal society do not succeed because the organizations for which they are working do not give them top positions. Bloom is a political scientist and women’s studies expert and not an anthropologist by occupation. She does not discuss a specific region or state, rather she mentions the increasing trend of female suicide bombing in general. She focuses on the female suicide bombers of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Chechnya. The patterns of conflict in these regions are different from each other so the reasons behind the increasing trend for female suicide bombing may vary from on... ... middle of paper ... ...ombing in order to combat patriarchalism do not much help their cause. Most militant organizations are male-dominated and, despite the sacrifice of females, females are not awarded any position in these organizations. Works Cited Bloom, Mia. "Female Suicide Bombers: a Global Trend." 94-102. Web. Brian Donohue. "Feminist Approach." Qvctc. 17 Sept. 2000. Web. 05 Mar. 2011. . Vangapandu, Neelima. "Cultural Violence." Articlesbase. 04 July 2010. Web. 05 Mar. 2011. . Varley, Emma. "Social Messaging." Anthropology of Violence and Conflict. Lahore. 16 Feb. 2011. Lecture. Zedalis, Debra. "Female Suicide Bombers." 2004. Web. 05 Mar. 2011.

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