Female Objectification

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When you first hear the words 'female objectification' you might automatically think of men treating women as objects. And it's true. Men do play a role in degrading women to just their bodies. There is evidence of that in Men's magazines, music, and the everyday things that they say to or about a woman. However, women also play a huge role in their own objectification. Women change their bodies to make them more sexual and objectify each other. First, let me explain something that recently happened along the lines of a female objectifying herself. Beyoncé performed her song "Drunk in Love" with her fiancé Jay-Z at the Grammys. I was a little surprised at her style of dance and choice of outfit. Her performance entailed her dancing provocatively on stage with a chair. She sat backwards in the chair with her legs spread wide open. She stood up and showcased a couple of sexual dance moves. The outfit she wore was a sheer lace body suit with a thong-style back that put her butt on display and left her cleavage on exposed. I definitely would not have let my nine year old brother watch...
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